Government Funding

Am I able to claim the government rebates if I enrol at Bambini Early Learning Centres?

Yes, we are a registered childcare provider which means you are able to claim the Government benefits you are eligible for.

What government funding is available to assist with the cost of child care and how do I access this?

From July 2nd, 2018, the new Child Care Subsidy (CCS) scheme will come into effect and will replace the previous Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) scenario.

The new Child Care Subsidy will be a one off payment to the Child Care Service which is then relayed on to your family. The subsidy amount will be based on 3 key factors which includes the total family income, the activity level of families and the type of Child Care. Activity types are defined by a list of recognised activities and will be based on the parent with the least number of hours.

Bambini Early Learning Centre’s are defined as a Long Day Care Service.

To find out more about how to apply for the latest subsidy arrangement, visit: