Frequently asked questions

What happens once I pay the $50 family wait list fee? Should I call to check where I am on the wait list?

Once you have paid your $50 family wait list fee you will receive a confirmation email.  You are always welcome to call our waitlist enquiry line 1300 945 745 regarding the position of your child on our wait list.

Do you have a funded four year old kindergarten program at your centres with a qualified Kindergarten Teacher?

Yes, at our Bambini Early Learning Centres we have a funded four year old kindergarten program and employ a kindergarten teacher who holds a Bachelor of Education. Our Kindergarten programs are the same as a council run kindergartens and private schools. The difference is we operate from 7.30am to 6pm (Parkville 6.30am – 6.30pm) Monday to Friday and are open 50 weeks a year and open all school holidays catering to all family and work situations.

What Government funding is available to assist with the cost of child care and how do I access this?

From July 2nd, 2018, the new Child Care Subsidy (CCS) scheme will come into effect and will replace the previous Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) scenario.

The new Child Care Subsidy will be a one off payment to the Child Care Service which is then relayed on to your family. The subsidy amount will be based on 3 key factors which includes the total family income, the activity level of families and the type of Child Care. Activity types are defined by a list of recognised activities and will be based on the parent with the least number of hours.

Bambini Early Learning Centre’s are defined as a Long Day Care Service.

To find out more about how to apply for the latest subsidy arrangement, visit:


Are there any vacancies?

We do have limited vacancies at times during the year.  Please call 1300 945 745 or email

What are your age groups?

At our Bambini Early Learning centres we group children based on their ages and according to current regulations on child to educator ratios. We believe that children learn best when they are surrounded by peers of similar ages and stages of development and growth.

Age groups from 3 months to 12 months are placed in rooms accommodating 8 children and 2 educators.  From 12 months to 36 months, room sizes could accommodate 8 to 12 children with a maximum of three educators per room.

Our 3 and 4 year old age groups are designated to rooms which could accommodate a minimum of 10 children to a maximum of 20 children with two educators.

What is your centre’s curriculum based on?

Bambini Early Learning Centres curriculums are play-based, emergent learning curriculums and embrace the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. Our educators are constantly updating their programs based on the children’s interests.  We also embrace the Victorian and National Early Years Learning Frameworks.

Can we bring our own food?

No, at Bambini Early Learning Centres we supply all food. Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and supper are all prepared by our fabulous cooks. Due to Food Safety Regulations and our comprehensive food safety program in place families are not permitted to bring any food into our Centres.  This helps to maintain our high standards and ensures our Centres remain  ‘nut free zones’.

Can we bring a Birthday Cake to celebrate our child’s birthday?

Yes, provided it is purchased from a shop (commercial kitchen) and is in its original packaging which contains a list of ingredients. No birthday cakes can contain nuts.

You will need to give the cake to our cooks on arrival to Bambini so it can be stored correctly.  Birthday cakes are generally served to the children with afternoon tea.

What happens if my child does not like the meal that is on the menu for that day?

We believe that children learn best when in groups of peers, we use this strategy with vegetables and other foods as well. Our centres celebrate the importance of food and sharing meals together. Our cooks are important members of our team and we have designed our open kitchens to allow children access to communicate and interact with them every day. Building these relationships, hopefully improves the chances of the children trying new tastes and textures.

Often what they don’t eat at home they will eat at Bambini. We also encourage the children to have a taste of new and different foods. In extreme circumstances a meeting is held with the families to discuss your child’s nutritional needs.

What if my child has anaphylaxis, allergies or special dietary requirements?

Bambini Early Learning Centres aim to be a nut free zone.  Our cooks cater for all dietary requirements, vegetarian and vegan for example. We take all dietary requirements very seriously.  All educators have a Level 2 First Aid Certificate and are trained in anaphylaxis management and the administration of adrenalin auto-injection devices. Bambini Early Learning Centres have a comprehensive Food Safety Policy and our cooks are Food Safety Supervisors. All educators have a Food Handlers Certificate.

When can I visit the centres?

We welcome parents to attend a tour at our centres, please call 1300 945 745 to be directed through to the relevant Centre Coordinator to find a time that suits today!

Can I join the waitlist if my child has not been born yet?

Yes. When registering your child please just refer to them as ‘Baby’ and add your last name. Once your child has been born please be in touch with us to update their date of birth and first name.

How early should I join the waitlist?

The earlier the better, as some locations have considerable waitlists.

Please be aware that we offer the most number of places for children to join Bambini in January.

What does our daily rate include?

Our daily rate includes everything. Environmentally friendly nappies, bedding, morning tea, a cooked seasonal lunch, afternoon tea and supper. Formula is also provided. Incursions and excursions are  included. We offer sessions with dedicated Music and Art Teachers as part of the curriculum.
A welcome pack is given to families, which includes a bambini t-shirt, hat, drink bottle, crockery and cutlery set.

Is there an initial payment required to secure my child’s place?

We request a refundable deposit (bond) equal to 4 weeks gross fees, and a non-refundable enrolment fee of $180.

Is there a minimum number of days of attendance?

At Bambini we have a minimum two day enrolment requirement per child. Attending Bambini for two days or more per week allows your child to settle in quickly, build strong relationships with other children and Educators and enables them to get the most benefit from our curriculum and programs.

Am I able to claim the Government rebates if I enrol at Bambini Early Learning Centres?

Yes, we are a registered childcare provider which means you are able to claim the Government benefits you are eligible for.

What are the staff to child ratios?

The ratios of educators to children are regulated by the Victorian Government. We always ensure these ratios are met or exceeded.
0-3 year olds 1:4
3-5 year olds 1:11

Why do I have to pay for public holidays?

Families are billed for public holidays as we have every day costs, regardless of whether children are attending or not. Some early learning centres absorb these costs into their fees making their daily rate higher. This could mean that you are paying for public holidays even if your child is not enrolled on that day.