Bambini Family Testimonials

We always love to hear from our bambini families about their Child’s experiences. Here is what a few parents have had to say:

Our son and daughter started in the Henri Matisse nursery room at the beginning of the year and absolutely LOVE it! The squeals of delight when we arrive at Bambini and drive into the car park, kicking and squirming to be let out of their car seats so they can play and learn with their Bambini friends and educators, warm our heart each and every time we drop them off.

Since starting at Bambini, their confidence, language, hand eye coordination and gross motor skills have flourished and their socialisation skills has made a significant leap thanks to the outstanding curriculum that the educators deliver, in such a loving, warm, nurturing, child centred way, so beautifully underpinned by the Reggio Emilia philosophy that is in line with all our core values and beliefs as a family.

Our children are our whole world and to know that they are in the very best of hands is the greatest gift of all. Thank you to all the amazing staff at Bambini. We are so grateful for making such a difference in our family’s life xxx

Danni & Sean, Asling Street Centre, 14 April 2016 – Review verified



Our family attended one of the Bambini Early Learning Centres for 7 years, with both of our children attending from the nursery room all the way up to the four year old kinder room. The things that attracted us to Bambini when we were first looking for childcare for our precious little newborn was how much the centre stood out compared to other centres around the area in terms of cleanliness, quality of equipment and food, the educators willingness to be educators and not just babysitters and most importantly that our children would be safe and secure when they weren’t with us.

All of the educators that both of our children had have shown a desire to understand our children and their needs and wants. When our eldest child moved onto school, she slipped into the new school routine with ease and we believe her time at bambini played some part in this. Our youngest starts school in the new year and we believe will be the same.

Libby, Asling Street Centre

I would like to say we have been so happy with the care and facilities and would highly recommend it . Both Kim and Georgia have been amazing and Jules has really grown over the last 6 months.

Marika, Newtown Centre

I have been meaning to write for some time to say thanks. Our daughter attends bambini in Parkville, and my husband and I can’t get over how lucky we are to have found somewhere so good for her.

Living north of the city, I hadn’t heard of Bambini before. It was hard to get a sense of what the newly constructed Bambini centre would offer. I found out from family friends in Brighton that Bambini in their neighbourhood is so loved that wait lists can extend for years. Knowing the quality of care as I do now, I’m not surprised.

The main thing is of course the lovely people who look after and comfort our daughter each day that she’s there. Symone is amazing – the activities that she devises to enthral the small people are jaw droppingly good. Maggie and Tanaya have been incredibly warm and energetic, and there are of course numerous others.

The rooms are thoughtfully laid out, and all have beautiful natural light and direct access to safe play areas. So many childcare facilities offer access to the outdoors only to the kindergarten children and babies are far removed from the outdoors. The layout of bambini in Parkville is infinitely better than what we’ve seen elsewhere. And beyond the lovely rooms and play yards, there is a view over Royal Park, so that the children never feel cooped up.

The most convincing compliment comes from our daughter. She’s too young to speak, but as we drive into the Bambini car park she squeals with delight, knowing that she has a fun day ahead.

We’re stunned that more people within the Parkville vicinity haven’t heard about bambini, but we have no doubt that word will spread.

Anna Hancock, Parkville Centre