About us

Our vision is to be the recognised leader in providing the best care for infants and pre-school age children. Known for our exceptional educational programs, talented teams, and community relationships, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of fun and learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Vision

We want to be a place where…

Children are valued
for their meaningful work.

Staff are valued
for their zeal, knowledge, and commitment.

Children’s learning
and growth are seen as intertwined.

Staff create places
and spaces for caring relationships.

Children’s ability
to wonder, explore, and soar.

Staff delight in being with children
and share in their joys.

Parents are valued
as their child’s first advocate.

Together, we appreciate
the child’s ability to play.

Parents receive support
in their child rearing roles.

Together, we realise
we are always learning.

Parents enthusiastically promote
their child’s hands-on approach to play.

Together, we value
each moment of each day.


Our professional and dedicated team nurtures and educates infants, preschool & school age children in a wide range of child care programs. Our children develop positive social skills and values and learn about their world through age-appropriate play, projects and activities. We provide a stable, secure, learning environment that fosters a solid foundation for lifelong success.